Rapid, Natural, and Safe Weight Loss is our Specialty 


Here at RESET, we are committed to your fitness and wellness like no other and have the results to prove it. Successful weight loss includes a combination of diet, exercise, reducing the stress in your life, and detoxing your body on a cellular level. Most people miss a few of these crucial aspects and that’s why they gain back the weight after dieting. We offer all four aspects here at Reset that’s why we’re so unique!


Lose weight… gain confidence, and change your life. Whether you’re looking to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, we can help. With years of research and the best weight loss programs possible, we not only provide you with support, but we also have the only studio of its kind in Long Island specifically designed for achieving the results you desire.

Whether it’s weight loss, improving overall fitness, or achieving relaxation and detoxification, try one of our special programs today:



reset & jump Start weight loss

This package should be used before starting any weight loss

program. The Only Way to Finally Lose Weight & Get Well Is By

Removing the Underlying Root Cause Holding You Back... Often

times, diet and exercise can only take us so far. Sometimes, the

body needs to cleanse itself of toxins and debris that has accumulated over time.



  • 1 Colonic sessions to eliminate build up of old waste in the colon

  • 1 Detoxifying lymphatic compression massage to assist the body in releasing fluids that trap toxic waste

  • 1 Sweat session



RESET TRANSFORMATION weightloss Program (4weeks)

Are you more than 15 pounds overweight? Do you suffer from constant bloating, poor digestion, uncontrolled sugar cravings, inflammation, low energy, or recurring infections? 


If yes, this is the program for you. Reset your body and take control of your health with the Reset Detox Program.


  • Customized diet and supplement protocol

  • One-on-one, personalized advice & direction

  • Accountability check-ins & follow-up

  • Bi-weekly body composition reports

  • An outlined maintenance program

  • Custom Detox Sessions, which includes access weekly OUR STUDIO