A healthy mom does a baby well. Get back to your old self, or even better, with our “Baby Bounce Back” program.


Pregnancy is a miracle, but that miracle can take a toll on your body.  Aches and pains, nutrient loss, breastfeeding, the birthing process, and sleepless nights can contribute to your not feeling like you are yourself or doing your best.




you are doing great and we can help you be even better by increasing your energy, decreasing your toxicity load. Purify your system and feel revived and refreshed.


Bounce back baby package


  • 3- Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions,

  • 12- 60 Minute Reset Sessions

  • 4- sessions of Infrared Lipo

  • 30 day supply of Advanced Multiple & Antioxidants


to help you get stabilized after all the change and trauma you have had to go through.


If you are longing to fit comfortably back into your pre-pregnancy clothes, wishing you had more energy, wondering why you are grouchy, and any other symptoms associated with pregnancy that you wish to alleviate, we are here to help.