60 Minute Reset


Get in the best shape of your life while maintaining overall wellness in just 60 minutes per session. Compliment your gym training or utilize a much needed full body detox.


whole body vibration

(First 10 minutes)


“Shake away” the fat, firm, and tone. Build lean muscle mass and strength with our Whole Body Vibration Machines.


10 minutes on our machine equals the benefits of a one-hour workout in a conventional gym.Whole body vibration is an effective replacement for physical exercise for people with sedentary lifestyles and limited time for workouts.


A full body vibration is also a useful form of therapy for dealing with poor lymphatic drainage, painful joints, stiff muscles, weight management problems and poor immunity levels. All these issues can be addressed and solved through regular WBV sessions, the positive effects of this form of therapy are supported by numerous scientific studies.


infrared sauna pod

(40 minutes)


Now it’s time to move to the Detox portion of your workout and rejuvenate the body with our infrared sauna pod.


A relaxing 40 minutes in our pod burns up to 600 additional calories and offers many healing benefits. 


10 Minute Cooldown


Now it's time to cool down lay in your pod or cool off with a cold washcloth and get ready to take on your day. You will feel refreshed and relaxed.


60 minutes of full body wellness


Twice the workout in half the time.


Really, hit all 360 degrees of your body’s wellness needs with our 60 Minute Reset Method. Our Method provides MINIMUM IMPACT with MAXIMUM RESULTS.


From beginners to advanced, our formula and cutting edge fitness technology will find you success. The best part is you’ll look and feel great from the inside out.